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We value creating a better food system in a number of different ways. We make decisions in service of taste, value, nutrition, sustainability, and a number of other factors.  We want our customers to understand those decisions and the impact they have on the food, the community, and the broader environment. We desire an open dialogue and encourage reaching out with questions and feedback.

Better For You

We’ve designed our menus and supply chains from the ground up to focus on whole food ingredients. We exclude a laundry list of chemicals that are still legal in the US but have a negative impact on the wellbeing of both people and the environment.  At Scratch Kitchen, Better for You means a few things: 1) whole foods, minimally processed with no chemical additives, 2) nutritious and delicious food made fresh for you everyday, and 3) living wages and benefits for employees which is necessary for a functioning society and a motivated staff making better food.


We source our ingredients from responsible farms and clean label producers. If a produce item is on the “dirty dozen” list, we promise to source organically. We’re committed to recipes made from scratch that cut out unnecessary chemicals and include ingredients you will recognize. This philosophy encompasses everything we do from our house made teriyaki sauce to the oil we fry our chicken in and everything in between. 


We are committed to being straightforward about our food. Our menus feature items you recognize prepared in open kitchens where you are free to watch us cook. All of our dishes are made with simple ingredients and our nutritional information is published on our website. Plus, we keep our ordering process simple. Easy-peasy.


Sustainability is, by definition, “avoiding depleting natural resources to maintain ecological balance.” Scratch Kitchen does our part by using only sustainable packaging for our meals and limiting food waste. Every item of packaging - from our bags to our dressing cups - are made from recyclable or compostable materials. Even our utensils are compostable, and are only available upon request. We are working diligently to minimize the waste in our food system through tightly controlled supply chain practices, including accuracy on inventory orders and high cross-utilization of ingredients.