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A Fresh Take on Sandwich Shop Favorites

Club House has reinvented tasty sandwich shop classics to be Better-for-You while delivering the same delicious flavors you love. Made from scratch with the finest ingredients, each sandwich offers savory combinations of fresh, local, and organic ingredients complimented with cravable sides. Our commitment to the quality of our ingredients and the nostalgia of our approach is sure to keep you comin’ back to Club House.

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Classic Sandwiches

a bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table


You can't beat the flavor of a classic cheesesteak and your need to fight off your east-coast craving for this dish is over. Freshly shaved natural beef, organic mushrooms & onions, and smoky provolone cheese—this is what makes our cheesesteak outstanding. It's simple American-fare with an unbeatable clean-label.

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On the outside, this may look like a classic Chicken Parmesan sandwich. However, the inside might surprise you. Enjoy a healthier version of this beloved favorite. Loaded with juicy chicken, crunchy breaded crust, melted fresh mozzarella, and our tasty homemade marinara sauce. We pile this dish high on our soft, hoagie roll with a pickle for a mouthwatering sandwich that you'll come back to again and again.

Philly Cheeseburger


When a menu item is so simple, it gives us the ability to pay attention to details and ingredients that matter. We use local Izzio artisan bread, applewood smoked nitrate-free bacon, and organic crispy romaine lettuce and vine ripe tomatoes. 

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The delightfully familiar flavors of freshly roasted turkey, smoky provolone cheese, and crisp romaine lettuce and organic tomato stacked on warm local sourdough bread! Clean-label ingredients. Organic veggies. Ingredients that make you feel like you're at there anything better? Well yeah...we added a pickle!


Healthier Versions of Sandwich Shop Faves

Club House is here to upgrade the classic sandwiches you love to eat. Sourcing clean-label ingredients to bring freshness back into every bite. Prepared from scratch just like yours at home: made with many organic ingredients, no chemical additives, and thoughtfully sourced breads, meats, and cheeses.


High Quality Protein

Our sandwiches feature thoughtfully sourced and prepared proteins like Applegate turkey, nitrate free bacon, and an especially yummy hand-breaded Chicken Parmesan.


Local Loaves

We’ve secured partnerships with the yummiest local bakeries to make sure your buns, breads, and loaves are fresh, delicious, and gluten-free—if need be.


Gluten-free Options

Almost every one of our sandwiches can go gluten-free.* You heard that right, even our meatballs have said BUH-bye to wheat, barley, and rye!


Organic Produce

Stack up your sandwich because all of our tomato and lettuce is certified organic!


Sides Made from Scratch

All of our signature sides from the marinated beets in our Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese to our selection of delicious soups are made fresh from scratch in our kitchen.


*The exception is our Chicken Parmesan sandwich. We promise we’re working on it!