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Bring the Bar Home

Takeaway is an on demand bar featuring hand-crafted cocktails and local libations. Did we mention on demand? We bring it to you. You pair it with your Scratch Kitchen favorites and enjoy. It's that simple. We've carefully crafted our cocktails and curated our beer, wine, cider, and kombucha to ensure you have the best possible drinking and dining experience right at home.

Launching first at our Denver location, Takeaway is the only on-demand bar of its kind!


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Easy to Order. Easy to Pair. Easy to Drink.

Philly Cheeseburger


Our Manhattan is the epitome of sophistication. Refined and smooth with vanilla and cherry flavors accented by a hint of citrus. We use the highest quality ingredients including Leopold Bros Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, cherry syrup, citrus bitters, and a natural Amerena Fabrri cherry for a garnish.

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Premium Herradura blanco tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, agave and Colorado-small batch produced orange liquor, lime wedge garnish.

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Think of this Beer List as the “Best of the West”. Our Colorado focused selection features local standouts like Odell’s, Denver Beer Co., and Upslope, plus a few out-of-state Western brews it just wouldn’t feel like home without!

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This list, showcasing many organic and biodynamic producers, will strike the right note with every wine drinker in your party. Our carefully curated selection features a wide-range of regions and styles designed to pair with your favorite Scratch Kitchen dishes.


Refreshingly Simple, Classically Novel

Takeaway is a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience designed to “shake-up” what you know about liquor delivery. Enjoy hand-crafted cocktails made with the same emphasis on quality and freshness you’ve come to expect from Scratch Kitchen. Refreshingly simple recipes and ingredients lend a classic vibe to this entirely novel way to experience cocktails and drink pairings on-demand.

In addition to cocktails, our beer and wine selections are designed to complement our wide ranging menus. 


Easy to order, easy to pair, easy to drink.
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From local spirits, bitters, and ingredients in our cocktails, to a Colorado-focused beer list, our drinks list carries through the same commitment to local growers and producers as our other restaurants.

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No mixes here! Our limes are fresh squeezed and our spirits house-infused. You won’t meet a more handmade margarita short of growing the agave yourself.


Classic and recognizable libations brought to you in a novel format.

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We’ve considered every aspect of your experience in the design of our groundbreaking cocktails, from perfectly sealed containers that keep your drink contained (and safe) to spherical ice cubes that limit dilution on-the-go.

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Our delivery cocktail menu is the first of its kind, but our recipes are time honored. We’ve kept what makes a classic a classic and improved it through painstaking sourcing of perfect ingredients. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my cocktails delivered?

Takeaway is only available to order through You can have orders delivered or come and pick up your order, just like with any of our other restaurant concepts.

When will Takeaway be available?

Takeaway is available to our Denver customers Wednesday - Saturday 4PM-11PM beginning Wednesday, November 10th, 2021. We will be expanding hours for Takeaway and expect to be able to offer delicious drinks for all hours we are open very soon. 

Are there any restrictions on my cocktail order?

Takeaway is subject to many of the same restrictions you are used to seeing at other establishments serving cocktails, wine, and beer but because we are the first of our kind, there are also a few unique things we must adhere to:

  • There must be at least one item of food on an order for us to offer alcohol delivery. 

  • There are limits to the amount of each item you can order:

    • 2 bottles of wine

    • 12 - 12oz beers

    • 1 liter of alcohol (approximately 12 cocktails)

  • All limits apply to a single order. 

  • And you must, of course, show a valid ID to receive delivery. Our drivers will require ID at the time of delivery. If you do not have ID they will give you your food and you will be refunded on the alcohol.

Do I need to be home to get my Takeaway order?

Yes, all deliveries containing alcohol must be shown a valid ID for delivery.

What does “on-demand bar” even mean?

It means that we bring it to you immediately when you demand it. This isn’t your average liquor store delivery, Takeaway delivers custom prepared cocktails, beer, and wine right to your door. These aren’t prepackaged mixes but cocktails freshly made-to-order!

How do you even make cocktails to-go?!

The short answer is “not without a lot of testing!” We’ve considered every aspect of your experience in the design of our groundbreaking cocktails, from perfectly sealed and ventilated containers that keep your drink contained (and safe) to spherical ice cubes that limit dilution on-the-go, to ensure the drinks are pitch perfect when they reach your door.

Scratch Kitchen works with local ingredients in their food, how do you do that with a cocktail?

The same way: by creating our own supply chain and building relationships with small local producers. We use local spirits producers like Leopold Bros and Grove Street and choose to focus our beer list on our favorite Western brewers. We like to use the most authentic version of an ingredient we can find, when it’s local, well that’s super exciting. 

What should I expect from the Takeaway cocktail experience?

Expect to be delighted! We’ve thought long and hard about every bit of your experience, from our menu offerings and how they pair with our food to the ease of ordering to each and every ingredient and the packaging it comes in. You can expect time honored recipes and flavors improved through the painstaking sourcing of perfect ingredients as well as an easy ordering process and a white glove delivery experience. And last but not least, expect to show ID!

So you make awesome cocktails, what else do you offer?

Great question! In addition to our house-made cocktail menu, we offer a full wine and beer selection more similar to a liquor shop.

How did you create your wine list?

We love wine and the way it interplays with food. Our wine list was a true team effort with the outside help of seasoned industry experts that was so much fun to create. Our carefully curated selection features a wide-range of regions and styles designed to pair with your favorite Scratch Kitchen dishes. In addition to perfect pairings, this list showcases many organic and biodynamic producers that we’re proud to work with. 

Do you have local beers?

Colorado has a strong brewery game and we are thrilled to offer mostly local brews and a couple of our fellow Western states favorites. We are always looking at upping our game so keep an eye out for updates to our lists over time.

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