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Our Story

We opened Scratch Kitchen in the spring of 2020 with the belief that delivery and takeout food should be made from scratch and designed to travel. We believe quality ingredients and sustainable choices have taste, health, and environmental benefits, which is why we are building a better food system that makes it easy to deliver clean-label food to our community.

Taste the Difference

Food on Demand

Scratch Kitchen was started to reimagine what delivery and takeout food could be. Co-Founders Michael and Jake saw the promise of quality delivery and takeout food, but often the experience was flawed. Time and time again they were frustrated with a lack of ingredient transparency, low-quality food, and difficult online ordering.

They decided the time had come to rethink the experience from the ground up and create the restaurant of the future. Using their passions for food and technology, they created a new kind of restaurant experience with customizable, clean label food that was easy to order. This philosophy became known as Delivery NativeTM .

Since then, our talented culinary and tech teams have been working with local partners to build our better food system and bring our community food made from scratch.

Scratching the Surface

To our team at Scratch Kitchen, “Scratch” isn’t just a word, it’s a philosophy. We believe all of our operation should be transparent and uncompromising. To do that, we make decisions in service of health, taste, sustainability, and transparency. We want this to be an open dialogue and we encourage reaching out with questions and feedback.

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Better for You

We’ve designed our menus and supply chains from the ground up to focus on whole food ingredients and quality dishes. At Scratch Kitchen, Better for You means a few things: 1) whole foods, minimally processed with no chemical additives, 2) nutritious options and delicious food, and 3) locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

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We are committed to being straightforward about our food. Our menus feature ingredients you recognize, prepared in open kitchens where you are free to watch us cook. All of our dishes are made with clean ingredients and our nutritional information is published on our website. Plus, we keep our ordering process simple. Easy-peasy.

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We source our ingredients from responsible farms and clean label producers to prepare food made with 100% clean label ingredients. We exclude a laundry list of chemicals that are still legal in the US but are believed to harm the wellbeing of both people and the environment. We’re committed to recipes made from scratch that include strategically sourced organic ingredients you will recognize. Our food philosophy encompasses everything we do from our house-made teriyaki sauce to the sunflower oil we fry our chicken in and everything in between.

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Scratch Kitchen does our part by using only sustainable packaging for our meals and limiting food waste. Every item of packaging - from our bags to our dressing cups - are made from recyclable or compostable materials. Even our utensils are compostable and are only available upon request. We also strategically source locally when we can ensure consistent quality because we believe sourcing locally improves the quality and sustainability of the products as well as supports our local farm economies. Even in the kitchen, we work diligently to minimize the waste in our food system through tightly controlled supply chain practices.