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Improving Food Experiences

The promise of food on demand is enticing, but far too often the experience does not live up to the hype. This was a problem our founding team continued to encounter time and time again. Frustration with a lack of options, late and messed up orders, and a lack of ingredient transparency finally became too much to handle. We decided the time had come to rethink the experience from the ground up and create the restaurant of the future.

Scratching the Surface

To our team at Scratch Kitchen, “Scratch” isn’t just a word, it’s a philosophy. We believe that every bit of our operation should be transparent, authentic, and uncompromising. We solve problems from the ground up which often means starting from scratch and consistently improving. Keep an eye out for improvements, additions, and new experiences. We are just getting started on the future of food on demand. 

Our Mission

We create amazing food experiences by mixing our passions for food and technology. We believe we are at the beginning of a restaurant revolution, and we are excited to create an entirely new kind of restaurant experience with you, our customer, as the central focus.

At Our Core

Customer Obsessed 

We consider ourselves your personal chef and are obsessed with delighting you. We want to connect with you over good and wholesome meals. Everything we create is made to prioritize your wellbeing.


Scratch Kitchen is an entirely new kind of restaurant. One that combines the variety of a food hall and the convenience of delivery. In order to deliver on this vision, we’ve got to be inventive. Every customer interaction is an opportunity for us to improve. To excel, we must embrace change and focus on solutions – not problems.


Every part of our business is built to be sincere and authentic. We believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships rooted in trust and transparency. Those relationships start with simple menus made with recognizable ingredients and an open kitchen for you to see where your food is prepared. No hidden agendas, no gimmicks.


We’re not just opening a restaurant, we’re building a better system from scratch. Building a new system is not something we can do alone. We want to unite our team with our community and bring together like-minded neighbors and businesses to create a better future.

Our Team

To get Scratch Kitchen off of the ground, we had to assemble a dream team of inventive and passionate go-getters. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without them. 

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