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Get Rewarded

The best way to be a part of our family is through Scratch Kitchen rewards. Being a member of our rewards program is an awesome way to get free food and other special offers. Earn points on every purchase and take advantage of member-only offers and benefits.

Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on delicious food from all of our restaurant concepts when you sign up!

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How It Works

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Create an account

First, join our rewards program by creating an account.

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Eat From Scratch

All orders you make through will now earn you points that can be cashed in for rewards.

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Get Rewarded

Your available rewards are visible on your account page and will appear at checkout so that you can easily redeem points for rewards and apply them to your order all at the same time.

Get Treats For Free


Scratch Kitchen Rewards Basic Add-on

Basic Add-on

Add a little treat with a housemade cookie, brownie, or bag of chips.


Scratch Kitchen Rewards Premium Add-on

Premium Add-on

Make it a meal with a dessert, drink, or side.


Scratch Kitchen Rewards Entree


Choose from our Mains on Kin, Mains and Tacos from Casera, a Salad or Bowl from Greenlight, or a Sandwich from Club House.


Scratch Kitchen Rewards Entree Plus Basic Add-on

Entree + Basic Add-on

Add a free entree and a little treat like a cookie, brownie, or bag of chips.


Scratch Kitchen Rewards Entree Plus Premium Add-on

Entree + Premium Add-on

Add a full meal with a free entree and your choice of a dessert, drink, or side.


Scratch Kitchen Rewards Two Entrees

Two Entrees

It becomes a treat for two when you add TWO free entrees.


I can’t find my point totals or available rewards. Where are they?

They’re on your account page.

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Can I use multiple rewards on the same purchase?

No. You can only redeem one reward per purchase.

Why aren’t my points showing up?

Points usually post to your account within 10 minutes of your purchase. If you do not see your points accumulating, please reach out to our customer service team

Do my points expire?

Yes. If you are inactive in your account for 6 months your points will expire. Simply make a purchase within the 6 months of your most recent purchase and all rewards will stay current.

How are points calculated?

Each $1 spent is equal to 17 points.

Sooo...what exactly can I get with each reward tier?


  • Any Cookie

  • Brownie

  • Any Boulder Canyon bag of chips

  • Any Kettle bag of chips


  • Coconut Chia Pudding

  • Vegan Chocolate Pudding

  • Berries & Cream

  • Any item from the ‘Sides’ group on

    • Casera

    • Kin & Co.

    • Club House

  • Any drink under SK Beverages


  • Any Item from the following groups

    • Casera

      • Mains

      • Tacos

    • Kin & Co.

      • Mains

    • Club House

      • Sandwiches

    • Greenlight

      • Salads

      • Bowls

*Entree rewards have a $15 maximum 

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